Elevate your business with the latest generative AI models and industry insights. Partner with us for a holistic approach from strategy to implementation, unlocking a brighter, more prosperous future.


We guide you from initial strategy to implementation in the fast-evolving world of generative AI. Our approach is holistic, covering specialized applications and talent training to empower your team for long-term success. Partner with us to navigate change confidently and set the pace for a promising future.



Enhance customer engagement with our chatbot service. Tailor chatbot personality and tone, offer personalized, cited responses using customer data, and engage users with customizable audio chat voices. Elevate your brand's interactive experience with an on-demand and reliable assistant.

Enterprise Search

Experience next-level search engines: Use natural language to search your company data, no coding needed. Dive deep with complex search capabilities, comprehending multimedia content from videos to text. Seamlessly integrate with all your existing databases for a unified search experience.

Data Automation

Revolutionize your data management with our automation service: streamline collection from websites, APIs, and social platforms; maintain pristine data by defining filters and eliminating duplicates; process and classify documents efficiently; and auto-generate insightful graphs and statistical tests.


University of Michigan, School of Dentistry
University of Michigan, School of Dentistry

Cool Projects

AI Dopplegangers

Our custom AI model generates a versatile digital twin of any individual by sourcing hundreds of hours of their public videos. The AI can replicate past statements with citations, tailor responses based on user data, and communicate in multiple languages, all while maintaining the individual's unique tone, voice, and personality.

Video Search Engine

Our app lets you 'chat' with YouTube videos for quick, sourced answers to your questions. Designed for educators and learners, it simplifies extracting valuable information from large video collections without manual viewing.


Molus, meaning "My Knowledge" in Gaelic, demystifies the complexity often associated with generative AI. We believe that with the right expertise and guidance, implementing cutting-edge AI solutions is not just feasible but transformative. Our mission is to empower leaders to understand and integrate generative AI into their strategies, ensuring it becomes a valuable part of their knowledge toolkit.

Suibhne Ó Foighil
Founder & Principal

Suibhne is a results-oriented entrepreneur and researcher with a strong blend of business insight and technical expertise in AI and machine learning. A University of Michigan graduate, Suibhne has a proven track record in academia, startups, and large corporations, boasting pioneering research and innovative solutions. With hands-on experience in Python, NLP, and big data analytics, Suibhne thrives in leading cross-functional teams to drive innovation and deliver impactful results.

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